CNC Router Cut Graphics

At Screenmakers, we use the highly regarded SR Series Multicam CNC Router for our 3D cutting / routing requirements.

The Multicam SR CNC Routing Machine cuts materials of varying thickness at high speed, always delivering an excellent edge finish!

SR Series Features :

  • Rigidity - With steel column supports all built on one fabricated piece and also incorporting the X Axis bearings mounted directly on to the gantry supports.
  • State of the art, fully enclosed Auto Tool Change Carousel, travelling on the gantry, provides rapid tool change at any position along the X axis. As the machine does not need to travel to a fixed point to perform a tool change, significant increases in productivity are achieved.
  • Automatic Z Tool Sensor - A feature of the Multicam machines is the Z tool sensor. This sensor incorporates an electronic feedback sensor which automatically detects different length tools and compensates the Z position to suit its length. All with no operator error or intervention. This feature also ensures accurate depth on all tools.

This SR Series allows Screenmakers to deliver high quality product accurately and efficiently - everytime.