Digital Roll Fed Printing (UJV 160)

The UJV-160 is the optimum solution for printing on PVC and vinyl media!

Using UV LED curing, no drying time is required for digital prints.

With UV technology, printed media is ready for laminating immediately after printing.

Cool UV LED curing eliminates media deformation.
Vulnerability to heat is one of the problems associated with printing on PVC. Using UV LED technology, no infrared rays are emitted - the leading cause for thermal deformation of PVC.

Flexible UV LED curing inks enable printing on media which can then be applied to many types of surfaces.
Conventional UV curing ink has drawbacks such as cracking when forming printed media to curved surfaces. Screenmakers use Mimaki's new flexible UV LED curable inks that allow for up to 200% expansion. Thus, no cracking during post processing occurs.
The cured ink does not crack, even when the surface is bent or curved. This enables printing on thin PVC/vinyl to be used for vehicle wrapping, shutters and many more applications.

Environmentally friendly ECO compliancy
Mimaki's flexible UV curing ink contains no VOC (volitile organic compounds) that emit organic solvents into the air. This eliminates the need for ventilation equipment and creates an envirnmentally friendly workplace.

UV LED lamps have a long life and their energy consumption is about half or less than conventional UV curing lamps. 
Also, UV LED curing technology does not emit short length ultraviolet rays that generate ozone, so the environmental footprint is further reduced. 

High quality prints are obtained with variable dot sized printing at high speeds.

Head height adjustments are available to accommodate different media thicknesses.
Depending on the thickness of the media, the print head height can be adjusted from 1.5mm to 12.5mm. Also, media with various thickness can be handled with uniformly high printing quality.


UJV LED curable UV printer
Cool UV LED curing
Quality at high speeds
Variable dot technology
Adjustable head height adjustment