Flatbed Application

In order to provide customers with outstanding sign making Screenmakers use the super-fast Rollsroller Flatbed applicator for mounting vinyl.

The ROLLSROLLER series applicators are used for all types self-adhesive foil applications, including banners, signs, road signs and markers, glass application, colouring of large areas and application on substrates up to six centimetres thick. Its uses are almost infinite.

ROLLSROLLER Flatbed Applcators can be used to apply and ovelaminate cold laminates.

ROLLSROLLER is used for laminating and overlamination of digital prints, large format digital prints or prints on rigid substrates up to 6cm thick.

The RollsRoller Flatbed Applicator was devised from a user perspective: it facilitates production and solves real-life problems. Thanks to a variety of accessories and modifications, you can rest assured that it will satisfy your specific requirements.

RollsRoller allows Screenmakers to take many more jobs and offer shorter delivery times.  In fact, many customers see it as a competitive disadvantage not to use RollsRoller since it provides us with such an enormous head start on companies who still use traditional working methods.