Laser Cutting


Effective laser beam control

The latest optical technology "A-O Unit" was adapted. Even if the beam distance between the osciilator and the processing point changes the quality of the focus remains constant. Stable processing and high accuracy is possible over the entire area (optional).



Light weight and high rigid cutting head with quick approach speed

The newly designed cutting head structure optimizes the flow of assist gas inside the head, providing a smoother cutting surface finish.


The casting frame structure absorbs vibration

A casting frame structure which absorbs vibration has been adopted. Therefore each of the axis vibrations which occur at the time of high-speed processing are absorbs. High accuracy is realized during high-speed processing.


Cutting condition, setting function

Up to 10 kinds of data processing condition settings can be registered for up to 90 types of materials, including piercing and marking. The operator can readily change the processing conditions as they are monitoring the state of processing. Data on the changed processing conditions may be registered.