Canberra Airport Billboards

Screenmakers was contracted by the Capital Airport Group (CAG) to make three large-format graphic banners, to promote the airport's new terminal (currently under construction).

Canberra Airport decided to use shipping containers as billboards - a clever idea that was financially beneficial and avoided having to excavate, which would have been required to install new large-format sign structures.

CAG supplied the containers blank, painted, ready and in situ. Screenmakers produced banners that were digitally printed with HS solvent-based inks, then coated in a clear, UVR-protective anti-graffiti finish for durability. The banners were then installed with saitrack rails to the containers.

Screenmakers arranged for lighting to be installed to illuminate the containers at night.

The displays were replaced at different times in line with the developmental timeline of the new airport construction. The original displays were designed by Laura Johnson of Canberra Airport, with a theme of “Yesterday”, “Today” and “Tomorrow”, (shown below). They were installed initially and then replaced by the blue "What you see", "Isn't all you get" signage once the airport development reached a specified milestone.