Financial Integrity Group

Financial Integrity Group Building

The Financial Integrity Group provide financial product advice and deal in the full spectrum of financial advisory work including general investments, private and public sector superannuation, corporate superannuation, personal risk management, retirement income streams and personal debt restructuring.

Screenmakers were approached by Financial Integrity Group to produce their logo as a stylish building identity for their offices located in Barton, Canberra.

The display consists of 3D fabricated graphics and text. The logo graphic is special in that its component parts are curved to produce elements that "weave" in three dimensions through the mounted logo.

Both the text and graphics are made from natural linished stainless steel with the dark letters and logo components having been coated in a polyurethane finish.

The letters and logo graphic are attached to the building using pin fixings that are chemically anchored to the wall behind.

3D Fabricated signage
Driveway entry sign

In addition to the main 3D fabricated sign, there is another driveway entrance sign to the side of the Financial Integrity Group building.

The driveway entrance sign is produced from router cut 6mm solid acrylic pieces with a polyurethane finish (two colours). The sign is adhesively mounted to the rendered wall behind.