Fyshwick Fresh Fruit Markets

The Fyshwick Fresh Food Markets offer a wide variety of delicatessen condiments, fresh fruit, vegetables, seafood, Asian grocers and specialty stores.

Screenmakers produced the following signage for the Markets recent refurbishment :

  • Main External Sign -
    This sign was made from 3D Router-Cut aluminium with a polyurethane coating, and Cut Vinyl Cast graphics for long life. Also applied to the surface was a protective clear finsh. The sign was fixed to the existing metal mesh backing structure of the building.  

  • Mildura Street Stone Wall Sign -
    In a similar fashion to the Main External Sign, the character and logo were made from 3D Router-Cut aluminium with the words "Fyshwick Fresh Food" coloured with 2-Pack polyurethane paint and the remainder of the graphics coloured using long lasting Cast Vinyl. Finally, the logo and letter type were clear coated and pin fixed to the existing wall.

  • Suspended Entrance/Exit Swing Signs -
    These signs were 3D Router Cut to shape and the words "Fyshwick Fresh Food" were coated in a polyurethane finish with cast vinyl graphics used to complete the sign. 
Main Sign at the Markets
Creating the Farmer in the sign
Sign fixed to entry wall
Creating fixing map for the logo
Suspended sign at the entrance
Fyshwick Fresh Food Markets