Hotel Realm Restaurants

These attractive and interesting illuminated signs, located at Hotel Realm in Barton, Canberra, serve to advertise the dining establishments situated around the perimeter of the building. 

The displays were designed and manufactured by Screenmakers for this project. Constructed from linished aluminium, the logos were intra-cut on both sides of the aluminium graphic panels. Lighting and electronics were installed within the rectangular displays with an acrylic backing installed behind the intra-cut text to seal the internals from weather and insect infiltration.The signs were each finished in two colours - firstly, a metalic finish on the top section and then a white polyurethane coating below. The top mounting of the displays was left as the original natural linished aluminium surface and contained within was the cabling supplying electricity to the signs.  

The signs were installed on the building prior to the ceiling being completed so the ceiling could be tailored to the sign to produce a seamless fit for the displays.

The covers for the signs can be removed for internal servicing and, should any of the restaurants ever change their name in the future, the graphic panels can be removed and replaced easily.