Magnet Mart Signage

Magnet Mart Gungahlin
Four hardware "icons"

Magnet Mart is a family owned home improvement retailer operating six stores across the ACT and southern NSW. Magnet Mart has built a solid reputation for friendly and knowledgeable service in the region.

In addition to producing a number of displays and signs to label various parts of the Magnet Mart store internally, Screenmakers produced the four inserts featured on the front of the Gungahlin Magnet Mart building.

Each of the four inserts (drill, plant, paintbrush and truss) were made from 3D router cut dibond. The colour of the chosen dibond was orange - which was the finished colour of the pieces. Once cut to shape, the inserts were attached via screw fixings to an existing frame containing weldmesh wire panels.

The shapes can be unscrewed and removed for cleaning and refinishing in the future.

Wire panels