Majura Park Signage

Contracted for production by the Canberra Airport Corporation, the Brand Depot and Majura Park illuminated signage located near Canberra Airport greets patrons as they enter the facility.

The signs were designed to identify and call attention to the Majura Park and Brand Depot Retail and Commercial complex.

  • Each sign stands approximately 9 metres high by 3 metres wide with 700mm depth. The freestanding signs are illuminated for day and night use.

  • The structure is an engineered steel framework set into a concrete plinth.

  • The sign panels themselves are built from Alucabond which feature reverse cut 3D backlit lettering and logos. All of the sign panels are also removable in order to allow for sign changes as required by the management of the complex.

  • The electrical components were all prepared in modular sections at the Screenmakers workshop in order to speed up the on site installation process.

A total of four signs were installed at entry and exit points to the complex.

Brand Depot Signage at night
Installing the steel structure
Electrics preinstalled at Workshop
Lighting installed into structure
Putting the final pieces together
Display panels are raised into place
Impressive in the daytime
Illuminated during the evening