Stockland Balgowlah art murals

Stockland Balgowlah art murals.
The mural consists of around 40 printed graphic panels.
Site was originally a Shopping Centre with two large totem poles.

Balgowlah is located near Manly, Sydney, and this site was originally a shopping centre built in the 1960s with two large totem poles out the front.

It was redeveloped as Stockland Balgowlah in 2007, and is now a huge plaza complex including shops, restaurants and exhibition space.

Screenmakers was commissioned to produce a large-format interpretive mural as part of the artworks program for the complex.

This mural consisted of around 40 graphic panels that covered the entire south-western wall of the Pavilion building.

Screenmakers visited the site and measured up the area, before preparing an electronic cutting file and router-cutting all the panels to ensure an accurate fit.

The graphic panels were flatbed UV-printed on the Butler-finish stainless-steel Dibond and spray-painted with a clear polyurethane anti-graffiti finish.

Screenmakers also produced plaques for many sculptures at the development.
An interesting sculpture made entirely from garden spades.
Work in progress: the graphic panels are installed to the prepared surface.