Balmain Commercial

The Balmain Group is active in all forms of lending to business. They provide finance for growing businesses from debtor finance, equipment finance and leasing, as well as commercial  property finance for investment and development purposes. Balmain is also  involved in loan servicing and administration.

Screenmakers worked directly with Balmain Group's internal design department to develop the concept for the illuminated signage. These signs were produced and installed at a number of Balmain Group's offices around Australia (Sydney x 2, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Canberra).

The signs raised off the wall
Backlit lettering
Previous signage

The joint effort resulted in a final product whereby the signs were made from stainless steel. The letters were intra-cut with 25mm thick frosted acrylic inserts for a lighting effect. The signs were then backlit with only the letters of the signs receiving illumination. The base of the signs contained a piece of frosted slumped glass which, combined with the backlighting, lit up the piece of glass around the edge and created a very pleasing effect. Acrylic frosting was then added at the base of each of the signs to add further detail.

The lightboxes were then installed onto standoffs, lifting them off the wall making them prominent from the wall behind.