City Labour Club

Illuminated sign installed at the club
Completed sign on the reverse side

The City Labor Club has been created to be a fun and friendly place in Canberra’s city district. The focus is towards superior dining facilities, and lounge style comfort in a relaxed atmosphere, as well as a gaming lounge. The modern design and plush décor make it inviting to members and interstate visitors.

For this sign, Screenmakers supplied an 1600mm x 800mm edgelit LED lightbox. This type of lightbox is great for use with images that need to be changed frequently. It has accessible clips that can be opened to allow the graphic panels  to be removed quickly.

To secure the unit properly, it was anchored using a chemical adhesive compound to a concrete column at the club. For safety reasons, Screenmakers created a hinged fitting to let staff swing the sign around to avoid having to lean over the railing to change the graphic panels.

The signs at the factory after manufacture