Mawson Club

Art meets signage at the Garden Bar

Located within The Mawson Club is the cosmopolitan Citrus Café, the stylish Section 57 Bar, Heard Bar and the Garden Bar with its temperature controlled outdoor setting. The Club also includes The Blue Note Lounge which offers music and live entertainment.

Screenmakers has a long standing relationship with the Mawson Club.

Some of the signage projects completed for the Mawson Club include :

Garden Bar Water Feature - Designed by Colin Bourke (Swell Design Group), this feature of the Garden Bar is a sculpture, entry sign, and water feature - all in one! It was produced from recycled hardwood used throughout the Mawson Club. It is an interesting piece in that pieces of hardwood sit at right angles to one another. The letters, spelling "Garden Bar" are both recess routered into the hardwood face with other 10mm thick letters, made of brass, sit proud on top of the hardwood shell.

Water feature under construction

Heard Street Bar - (Design by Grey Advertising) Individual cut letters from acrylic and PVC were layered together and mounted to the plasterboard wall using standoffs for a three dimensional effect. The sign was coated in a polyurethane finish.

Section 57 Restaurant - (Designed by Grey Advertising) Made from 10mm thick solid aluminium with the logo produced from layers of 5mm thick aluminium to give a 3D effect. The sign was also coated using a polyurethane finish. A custom made frame was built in order to suspend the sign between the two recycled timber columns.