Maxim Chartered Accountants

Logo in the lift lobby

Maxim Chartered Accountants’ new, ultra-modern office on Wentworth Avenue in Kingston had to reflect their refreshed brand.


Built by the Doma Group and Redwin Constructions and designed by Zoo Design Group, Maxim required a range of signage applications to get the look they were after – an industrial-style office with a stylish formal foyer and a continuation of the Maxim brand through cut-out lettering and graffiti-style walls.


The work was complicated and labour-intensive with a tight deadline of less than a month, finished with a great result and a very satisfied client.


Fabricated stainless steel "MAXIM " lettering, painted black with LED backlighting and standing off the timber veneer wall, is the first thing you see as you come out of the lift. The small type below was done on a cast-cut vinyl film.

Graffiti-style walls in the cafe
3D cut lettering


In the main area, 3D-cut 16mm MDF router-cut lettering was applied to the workstation wall panelling. The letters were 2-pack polyurethane painted in the same colour as the walls and adhesive fixed to the workstation panels.


The in-house cafe is a colourful area with large-format wall graphics. The process entailed digital printing adhesive vinyl film, over laminated with Sandtex clear film and applied from floor to ceiling. On the opposite side of this wall are various areas with digital printed graphics.


In the reception area, an extra-large ‘M’ was fabricated out of MDF panels and mounted to the curved wall behind the reception counter then painted with the same wall paint as the rest of the wall to give a embossed look. The lettering in the centre of the ‘M’ was cut vinyl film applied directly to the painted wall.

A large curved fabricated MDF panel sits above the curved seat. This panel was painted black, then the mission statement lettering was applied in the five different colour vinyl films, with the panel then clear over-coated in a polyurethane gloss finish and installed on split batons. On the wall next to the black panel continued a swirly graphic consisting of four coloured lines. This image was used throughout the office.