Royal Mint Foyer Signage

The Royal Australian Mint is the sole supplier of Australia's circulating coinage. The facility was opened by Prince Philip, in February 1965.

As part of stage one of the refurbishment of the facility, Screenmakers were engaged to produce a series of glass displays for the entrance visitors centre.

Two separate glass artworks were produced : 

One dollar coin display  

This piece was made from two components - firstly, a square piece of 12mm toughened glass was prepared for use. A circular hole was cut from the centre of the glass to make way for the coin piece to be inserted later.

With the hole cut and removed, the remaining section was directly digitally printed with black and white imagery of the Australian landscape using Screenmakers [Digital Flatbed UV] printer. 

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With the surrounding glass ready, the one dollar coin segment was produced by router cutting a piece of MDF with the edge cut to the same specification of actual one dollar coins used as currency today. Once router cut, the edge of the wood was sealed, primed and finally finished in a gold polyurethane paint.

The centre of the dollar coin was digitally printed directly two times onto silver mirror dibond. Printing to the dibond twice was done to enhance the gold effect of the artwork. The dibond mirror dibond section was then adhesively applied to the MDF "coin". The finished "coin" was then installed on split battens at the rear. 

Three section glass art display

Set over three pieces of 12mm toughened glass, this artwork features imagery of the site of the Royal Australian Mint with sandblasted outlines of the steel structure of the Mint building during its construction.  
After sandblasting, the glass had its artwork directly digitally printed onto both sides in order to enhance clarity.
Running along the bottom of the artwork are a series of coins depicting the development of the coin as currency at points throughout our history.

The glass sections were mounted to the wall using steel patch fittings.