ASADA (Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority) is an Australian Government organisation established in 2006, as a result of the Government’s commitment to strengthen its Tough on Drugs in Sport Strategy.

Designed by the Swell Design Group, Screenmakers produced and installed over 250 lineal metres of window film at the ASADA Head office.

The window graphics served two primary purposes - to provide privacy to staff working on highly sensitive anti-doping investigations and to provide an aesthetically pleasing work environment.

The 3D Letters made of Acrylic
Outside Meeting Rooms
Meeting Room Window Film
Digitally Printed Frost
Printed Frost Graphics
Vibrant Colour

The work completed for ADASA included :

  • Digitally Printed Frost -
    These window films, created to provide privacy in various workspaces, occupied the lower half of the window panes. The top of the windows were left clear for natural light to illuminate the office.

  • Boardroom & Meeting Room Colour Graphics -
    These Window Films were produced featuring corporate logo graphics and artistic sports-related imagery digitally printed in full colour on to translucent vinyl. Some of the window films also had frosting incorporated as well.

  • Entrance Foyer with 3D Cut Type -
    The foyer after exiting the reception area included a set of 3D Router Cut Lettering of the words "PURE PERFORMANCE". The type was mounted on to a charcoal-painted plasterboard wall. The letters were made from 6mm white acrylic and applied directly to the wall behind.