NMA Shop and Foyer

Logo in museum colours

The National Museum of Australia Shop logo was made a year after the museum opened. The lettering was router-cut out of 5mm linished solid aluminium, installed with welded pins on the back and pin-fixed with a slight stand-off from the wall. The logo itself was fabricated out of coloured acrylic and lit from the inside with neon.

The series of banners in the shop were printed on vinyl and hung with stainless steel fittings. Original premium grade roll-ups mean they're easy to move around. All the banners are printed on a special film on the back so the front - which is plastic with a non-reflective finish - doesn't get damaged.

Logo and roll-up banners
Corporate sponsor board

The corporate sponsor board was made from 12mm clear acrylic and has been designed to sit within the odd angle of the wall in this area of the museum foyer. The sponsors' details are printed in vinyl on the back of the acrylic so it's easy to update the information as new sponsors become involved. The two lockable side panels were made at a later date, to prevent anyone tampering with the vinyl strips. The board is mounted on 6mm stainless steel rods.