Questacon Sponsor Boards

On the 23rd of November 1988, Australia’s National Science and Technology Centre opened as a joint Australia-Japan Bicentennial Project. The Japanese Government and business community contributed half the cost of the building, the headquarters for Questacon’s national and international operations.

In recognition of the contribution made by both Japanese and Australian founders, Questacon designed and commissioned Screenmakers to produce a display acknowledging these founding partners.

In addition to the founding partners display, another board was consigned. It recognises Major Partners, Corporate Partners, Knowledge Partners and key Questacon people.  

The Partners Board was both interesting and challenging to produce. The frame consisted of tubular aluminium, mounted to the wall behind. Then the dibond display panels were directly printed, router cut  and "wrapped" around the display to conceal the frame underneath. Following this, mounting holes were created all over the board to allow for installation of pin fixed sponsor identifications as required. Areas of the dibond panels were also router cut to allow for the installation of monitors in the sponsors board.

The Founding Partners board consists of a wall mounted steel tubular frame onto which a number of 1.2m x 2.4m acrylic panels were mounted to. Each acrylic panel was 12mm thick with polished edges.  The panels were directly digitally printed using our [Digital Flatbed UV] printer at Screenmakers.  Some of the acrylic panels were router cut in order to allow for the installation of video monitors to display pre recorded visual material.

The Founding Partners display is a visually impressive dedication to the companies and people that made the concept possible.

The Sponsor plaques themselves were made from 12mm acrylic pieces that were first painted in a polyurethane white finish and then directly printed with the corporate logo. The plaques were then drill tapped with pins installed into the back of the panels for easy mounting onto the Partners Board.