Questacon "Sports Quest"

The Questacon traveling "Sports Quest" exhibition consists of six colourful exhibits that cover a range of topics related to the science and technology behind sport and everyday life.

Visitors can test how fast they can throw a ball, or cycle on the "Energy Bike" to see how long it takes to work off different foods. "Questo", the bike riding pneumatic robot challenges visitors to coordinate his muscles, while "Tune In" tests visitors’ skills as they attempt to ride a virtual skateboard and tune in a radio.

For this exhibition, Screenmakers produced a number vinyl banners ranging in sizes up to 3m by 3m. The supplied banners were directly digitally printed onto display grade vinyl and then clear coated to protect them from wear and tear.

Nine of the banners were printed and installed onto triangular internally illuminated display units. The banners were illuminated through the use of translucent flex faced vinyl. The vinyl pieces were stitched around the edges and reinforced with Velcro fastening ties in the corners and around sides to maintain tension once installed.

Displays included hung posters on the walls
Internally illuminated triangular displays
Many of the displays were interactive
Located in "The Drum" at Questacon

Also produced for the exhibition were a number of sporting images that were hung vertically from rails around the "Drum" at Questacon.

As this exhibition was created to travel around Australia extensively, all of the components were created to be as portable and hardy as possible.