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The National Archives of Australia, located in Parkes, Canberra ACT, hold and manage records of Australia's history so they are available to view today as well as in the future.

The National Archive of Australia also feature temporary gallery exhibits that focus on a variety of subjects that relate to Australians now, in the past and into the future.

Screenmakers has developed a longstanding relationship with the National Archives of Australia over many years and has produced a host of signs and displays including : 

  • National Archives Entrance Signage -
    As the National Archives building is heritage listed and only had identification signage on one side of the structure, Screenmakers were asked to create a second set of letters that matched the original steel ones produced decades ago. This was achieved by firstly tracing the original lettering sign to ensure the font shapes could be duplicated accurately. Once traced, the steel letters were formed using a laser cutting technique. In addition, the paint colour was matched to the original. The letters had pin fixings welded to the rear which were then epoxy fixed to the masonry wall behind.

  • Front Banners & Flagpoles -
    The flagpoles outside the front entrance to the National Archives building are used to hang promotional banners for various temporary exhibitions that are on show at the National Archives. The poles themselves measure 4.2m high. The raising and lowering mechanism in each pole is key locked to protect it from being tampered with.  The vinyl banners contain graphics on both sides and have special stainless steel inserts in the corners to reinforce the eyelets to secure them properly on windy days. The banners also contain "windlet" holes to prevent them from being damaged in strong weather. The flagpoles can be removed from their concrete base in the case of damage or the need for replacement.

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National Archives of Australia
Building Identification
Flagpoles and Exhibition Banners
Current Exhibition Banners
1998 Opening Brass Plaque
1998 Opening Aluminium Plaque
  • Current Exhibition Banners -
    These vinyl banners are used to promote current exhibitions on display at the National Archives. Each banner is digitally printed and stitched to accomodate hanging on a custom display system. Essentially, the hanging system consists of stainless steel rods that unclip at the top and have tension adjusters to ensure the banners always look their best.

  • Brass Opening Plaque -
    This plaque was commissioned by the National Archives to commemorate the opening of the National Archives of Australia in 1998. It was fashioned from 10mm thick brass and routered to produce the text and graphics in the metal. The plaque was also acid etched and patina stained to make the surface striking in appearance and to give it an aged appearance of a time worn piece. The plaque was attached to the wall using welded pin fixings that were chemically anchored to the masonry wall behind.

  • Aluminium Opening Plaque -
    This plaque, containing a quote from McKenzie Wark's "The virtual republic"  was unveiled in 1998 at the opening of the National Archives Building. The plaque, consisting of five strips of 10mm aluminium was first anodised, then masked to allow the surface text to be produced using an acid etching technique. The strips included welded pin fixings which were chemically set into the masonry wall behind. The aluminium strips also included a special raised backing panel that, once mounted, set the individual strips off the wall.