Bogong High Plains

Watchbed Creek information shelter.

Screenmakers were engaged to produce signage for the Bogong High Plains in Victoria by Charles Walsh Nature Tourism Services.

This "Minor" information shelter features Screenmakers Multiframe sign cabinet. This cabinet features a direct printed aluminium graphic panel for information signage content. In addition, also attached to the shelter's side is our "Slimline" frame with a printed aluminium panel featuring safety information.

Watchbed Creek entry sign.

This unusual looking entry sign was custom designed by Screenmakers specifically for the Bogong project. The sign required some intricate router cutting with direct printed graphics onto both sides of the sign. The sign was produced from 5mm aluminium with a heavy anti graffiti over coating. The sign post has specially prepared hardwood cladding over the post to give it an earthy visual effect.

The signage was designed and manufactured to be shipped as separate pieces for assembly on site by contractors.

Installation was performed by means of prepared starter bolts with mounting templates for direct burying into concrete footings.

Wallaces information shelter.

One of Bogong National Park's "Major" shelters feature two of Screenmakers "Multiframe" signage cabinets mounted back to back.

Wallaces Heritage Trail entry signage.

This entry road sign manufactured for the Wallaces Heritage Trail is similar to the Watchbed sign above. These signs were used in five different locations around the park.