Bondi to Bronte Coastal Walk

Beachside signage

Screenmakers were contracted to produce over seventy signs for the beaches under the management of Waverly Council in Sydney, NSW.  The signs were designed by Deuce Design.  This project comprised of signs installed at  BondiTamarama and Bronte beaches.

There were three main types of signs produced for this project :

  • Informational Signs - These 750mm wide x 2100mm high signs contain detailed maps and information about the beach and area around the beaches.
  • Park Welcome Signs - These are a series of signs installed at Bondi Park, Tamarama Park and Bronte Park. The signs are 500mm in width x 2100mm high and include directional information about the park and surrounding area.
  • Coastal Walk Signs - These signs link the three beaches along their walking trails. The dimensions of the signs are 250mm wide by 2100mm high. Each of the signs contain historic information in addition to a map indicating the readers current position. They also contain prohibition information detailing what is and isn't allowed on or near the beaches.

An additional special type of sign was also manufactured :

  • Beach Regulation Signs - These signs contain important information about the beach. These messages included specific prohibition information about what is allowed at the beach, such as animals, alcohol, litter etc.
Coastal Walk Sign
Beach Regulation Sign
Coastal Walk Sign
Coastal Walk Sign
Informational Signage
Information Signage
Sign design
Informational Sign