Carnarvon Gorge

New signs for Carnarvon Gorge have been produced by Screenmakers in conjunction with Thylacine and HDM Metals. Thylacine supplied artwork and was responsible for project management, while frames were fabricated by HDM Metals. All panels and printing were conducted by Screenmakers. Panels were 2 pack painted, with direct UV print and a clear satin 2 pack protective coating.

Carnarvon Gorge is an oasis located in the semi-arid heart of Central Queensland. Here, visitors can explore towering white sandstone cliffs form a spectacular steep-sided gorge with narrow, vibrantly-coloured and lush side-gorges. Boulder-strewn Carnarvon Creek has carved a winding course through sandstone over millions of years and winds through the gorge. The gorge is also home to a wide range of significant plant and animal species, including more than 173 varieties of birds.