Cotter Dam Ground Plates

Recessed router-cut type and images
Rusted finish and chamfered edges
Natural anodised aluminium
Corten steel ground plates

The Cotter Dam Discovery Trail and viewing platform allows the community to watch the live action at the Cotter Dam worksite. The trail spans a 1.4km loop and visitors can wander the new boardwalk along the Cotter River, learn about the Cotter, its history, ecology and the environment.

These underfoot panels provide a timeline of the Cotter Dam and related water supplies, as well as historical events including indigenous statements. There are two types of ground plates installed on the Discovery Trail, both integrated into the walkway itself. 

1) Eight different ground panels were made from natural anodised aluminium with recessed router-cut type and illustrations, and chamfered edges. The panels are 2000mm x 200mm x 5mm, and were installed with counter-bored tamperproof fixings to the Permatrack boardwalk.

2) Five different ground plates were made from Corten steel with recessed routered type and motifs, given a rusted finish and chamfered edges. The panels are 2000mm x 200mm x 6mm, and were installed using welded studs on the underside of the panels which were then Chemset-fixed to the concrete track pavers.