Falls Creek Alpine Resort

Dual Season Signage

As part of a project team comprising Geoff Sorensen from the Falls Creek Resort Management and the Screenmakers team, we have been involved in the 2015 roll out of an innovative signage system that develops a very new approach to an old intractable problem.

How can the resort signage cater equally specifically and effectively for the needs of summer users as it does for its more traditional winter visitors? This project set out to find the answers and in the process came up with some remarkably simple and effective solutions.

The Method

The central premise underpinning the signage solution is to view the signage panels and the structures that support them as two discrete units.

Thus the sign frame remains in situ from season to season whilst the content it supports is changed. 


A feature of the dual season signage system developed in this project is its ability to be upscaled to meet a range of requirements.

These range from smaller wayfinding signs alongside resort trails through to major resort entry signage conveying crucial visitor orientation information.

"Just a quick note of appreciation for the truly astonishing work the Screenmakers team has put in on the Falls Creek Alpine Resort signage over the past three months.

This project really set out to pressure test the production system at every level - design innovation, prototype  production, cooperative collaboration, precision manufacturing systems, production capacity to deliver large volumes in short time frames, systems management to coordinate complex assembly of disjunct pieces of artwork, packing and freight of truckloads (literally!!) of metalwork, packing of materials for secure transport and then most importantly delivery in time for installation for the winter ski season.

Over the past decades I've become all too familiar with Screenmakers capacity to deliver excellence as standard fare - but this really was above and beyond. Thank you to all the (long suffering!!) Screenmakers staff for an outstanding job." 

Ian Charles (Director Nature Tourism Services)