Visitor Orientation Display (VOD) information shelter.

Engaged by Charles Walsh Nature Tourism Services, this Visitor Information Shelter was specially designed and structurally certified to be installed along the foreshores. The shelter contains multiframe signage cabinets with double sided direct printed aluminium graphic panels. Each panel was overcoated with an anti graffiti finish. Painting was matched to Geraldton-Greenough colour specifications and finishes.

Pedestal interpretive signage.

Over twenty different pedestal interpretive signs featuring many of Geralton's heritage sites. The signs feature a slimline design with direct printed aluminium graphic panels and lean back type aluminium channel legs. Installation was conducted by means of starter bolts in concrete footings to welded base plates by Geraldton-Greenough Council staff.

Heritage Trail marker.
Another Heritage Trail marker.

Various track markers located along this Heritage Trail marking out the route. Produced using cut shape aluminium panels direct printed with anti-grafitti finish.

The markers were installed using Bandit strapping to existing light poles along the route.

Blade signs in places of significance.

These blade signs were manufactured by Screenmakers for various places of significance. Single post-cantilevered blade signs with double sided pan shape graphic panels made from 3mm aluminium. The sign post was fabricated out of RHS steel, then galvanised and 2pk polyurethane painted finish in Geraldton-Greenough colours. All posts with fully welded base plates for anchoring to slab or direct buried starter bolts.

Freestanding interpretive signs.

These signs feature historical sites, people and places. Manufactured in the same fashion as the pedestal type lean back signage shown above.