Multiframe Sign Kits

Screenmakers proudly manufacture a range of interpretive display signage for use in a variety of outdoor situations including Visitor Centres, Museums, Galleries and Public Displays.

The Multiframe and Slimline display systems are both durable and sturdy, with aluminium units containing fully welded sub-frames and tamper proof fixings. They are supplied finished in a range of Dulux powdercoats or custom 2 pack paint options. 

Ideally suited to a host of graphic panel options including :

  • Back printed Impact Resistant Acrylic
  • Direct printed Di-Bond with protective clear coat
  • Directly printed Aluminium with protective clear finish

The graphic panels can be installed to the front area of the display unit or toward the rear with a protective acrylic face panel installed (Multiframe only), depending on the desired look and feel.

There are a total of seven models available in a range of different sizes :

  • SLB30 (Slimline) / MLB30 (Multiframe) -
    These units provide a 45 degree viewing angle for the display panel.
    Display panel life : (30 series receives highest level of sunlight) : Good

  • SLB60 (Slimline) / MLB60 (Multiframe) -
    Allows a 60 degree viewing angle for the graphic display panel.
    Display panel life : (60 series receives mid level of sunlight) : Better

  • SLB90 (Slimline) / MLB90 (Multiframe) -
    Provides a vertical viewing angle for the display panel.
    Display panel life : (90 series receives lowest level of sunlight) : Optimal
Installed Slimline SLB30 Kit
Raw Slimline Pedestal shell
Multiframe is available with acrylic front panel
Multiframe can have graphic in front if desired
Features include tamper proof fixings
Slimline technical illustration
Kits are made in the Screenmakers factory
Long legs on the stands for installation

As mentioned above, Slimline and Multiframe Lean Back signs are available with a number of suggested display panel sizes and custom sizes can also be produced as required :

  • Suggested frame sizes :
    Frame size : 400 x 600mm.   Visual size : 376 x 576mm
    Frame size : 500 x 700mm.   Visual size : 476 x 676mm
    Frame size : 600 x 800mm.   Visual size : 576 x 776mm
    Frame size : 750 x 1000mm. Visual size : 726 x 976mm
    Frame size : 900 x 1200mm. Visual size : 876 x 1176mm

  • Optional heights available :
    Generally, we suggest a height of 750mm from ground level to the base of the display (kick) - however, other heights are available also - 420mm, 600mm, 950mm or custom as required

Available in Single and Double sided formats :
The Multiframe MLB90 is a double sided vertical unit and can be supplied with identical or different graphic panels on both sides, depending on the application required (the Slimline SLB90 is Single Sided only) .

Mounting options :
Multiframe Lean Back signs can be provided with extended legs for direct installation into the ground/footings or the units can be supplied with welded baseplates with starter bolt fixings for ease of removal.

For more information, please feel welcome to contact us or call on 02 62978474.