Orroral Valley

Locals admiring the signs

Historical Orroral Valley is a beautiful area within Namadgi National Park.

The former tracking station here supported Earth-orbiting satellites as part of NASA’s Spacecraft Tracking and Data Acquisition Network in the 1960s.

Screenmakers has worked on many projects for the department of Parks, Lands and Conservation.

This project required interpretive signage to be produced for topics including the history of European settlement in the 1800s, the old tracking station site, Indigenous history and the wildlife and fauna of the area.

All the interpretive signage was produced using identical methods and finishes. The backing panels were water-jet cut out of 8mm steel, with support fins and base plates welded to the backs and rusted to give a period effect.

Graphic panels were router-cut to shape, 2-pack polyurethane painted base colour, digital flatbed printed and clear over-coated to protect from the elements, graffiti and for ease of maintenance.

The graphic panels were installed in layers and slightly stood off the rusted backing panel. All the signs were mounted on concrete plinths that were poured on site.

Screenmakers also produced aluminium signs, located throughout the National Park, to warn visitors of the dangers of trees that were damaged in the 2003 bushfires.

A range of markers were produced to mark the extensive walking track.


One of the oldest slab huts in the ACT
Aluminium bushfire warning signs
Log markers for the walking track