Shark Bay Exhibition

Famous for its World Heritage listing, the stunning region of Shark Bay is made up of two large peninsulas protecting two vast bays and numerous islands on the western-most point of Australia, around 800km north of Perth. The area offers a unique ecological environment of marine life, sea grasses and rare endangered species.

Screenmakers were commissioned by the Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) WA to make these panels for a permanent display on Shark Bay’s attractions in the Overlander Roadhouse on the North West Coastal Highway, WA.

The artwork, provided by DEC, was digitally direct printed on to 3mm aluminium panels. The display area is unmanned and open to the elements so extra protection against weathering, theft and vandalism was required. To this end, the panels were given a heavy coat of anti-graffiti gloss, and each panel was installed on a unique lockable split batten system. Designed by Screenmakers, the concealed lock comprises tamper-proof aluminium security batons at the back so there are no unsightly screws on the front.

Lightweight corrugated aluminium panels mounted on the wall provide extra bracing.