The Gully & Kalkari

Catalina Park commonly known as The Gully is a beautiful piece of land situated in Katoomba and is also known as the Katoomba Falls Creek Valley. The Gully forms the headwaters of the Katoomba Falls Creek and is therefore part of the Warragamba Catchment area that provides Sydney’s water. It is an ecologically and culturally sensitive place. The Gully was declared an Aboriginal Place on 18 May 2002. The Gully in Katoomba became the largest Aboriginal Place in NSW.  

Equally as beautiful, The Kalkari Discovery Centre, is located near Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park western boundary, one of Sydney's less-known natural gems. The park is the second-oldest in the country, established in 1894 and preceded only by Royal National Park, which was founded in 1879 and lies to the south of Sydney.

Both signs have been designed by Ian Charles from Charles and Walsh N T. Screenmakers worked in conjunction with Charles and Walsh to create these complementary external signs. 
The signs have been manufactured out of SHS75x75mm steel. The frame has then been rolled and fully welded in a painted finish.
The graphic panels were then router cut to shape with matching rear mounting panels out of 5mm aluminium.
The final graphics were flatbed printed direct to the prepainted aluminium panels and then clear anti graffiti over coated to protect the signs from damage and from the harsh elements.
The panels were then installed with stainless steel tamper proof screws, complete with below ground footing, consisting of pre fabricated starter bolts in concrete pad.
As illustrated, the final signage blends nicely into their natural surroundings, creating a pleasing and educational experience for visitors.