Greenhouse Challenge Award

More than 700 businesses and industry bodies have joined the challenge against climate change. Greenhouse Challenge Plus members are part of a growing network of businesses that take the challenge of global warming seriously.

Category Winner Award
Category Finalist Award
Router Cut and Polycoated Award
Sandblast Vinyl used for a Router Cut look

Greenhouse Challenge Plus members come from all states and territories, from rural, regional and urban areas, and represent virtually all industry sectors. For the majority of participants, the decision to join Greenhouse Challenge Plus is voluntary. However, since 1 July 2006, participation in Greenhouse Challenge Plus has been a requirement for Australian companies receiving fuel excise credits of more than $3 million.

Screenmakers has produced the awards for a number of years. There are six categories of awards for each State within Australia. This translates into a significant number of awards to be produced!

There are two types of awards produced for the challenge :

  • Category Finalist -
    These awards consist of a green dibond surround which has a bevel edge cut into both the inside of the piece, as well as around its perimeter. It is attached to an aluminium backing. Sandblast masked vinyl was cut and adhered to the white dibond and then oversprayed in white polycoat to simulate a router-cut look. The text was then screenprinted on to the award and a final clear coat applied to finish.
  • Category Winner -
    The awards for the category winners were made from a triangular MDF wooden shell. The shell was filled with plaster to give the award substance and weight. The graphics and text on the sides of the award were recessed router cut into the MDF. The whole award was then painted in a polyurethane finish to give the award a plastic moulded look. The text was applied with screenprinting using a special custom-made jig to hold the awards whilst being printed. Finally, the awards were given a clear coat finish.