Brindabellas Bonython

Unusual Billboard with three dimensional door as a feature

Brindabellas Bonython is bordered by Athllon Drive to the north and Barr Smith Avenue to the east.

The new quality estate is nestled next to Pine Island recreational reserve and only minutes away from the Tuggeranong Town Centre, a vibrant retail district that includes supermarkets, department stores, restaurants, and sporting facilities.

The estate offers a range of allotments for a variety of housing options which are complemented with unique views to the Brindabellas making this a great location.

Measuring in at 3.6m high x 8m wide, Advertising Agency - Zoo Communications and Screenmakers created a billboard with an unusual three dimensional element - a door attached to the billboard to emphasise the picturesque nature of the new development.

The door has an aluminium frame with double sided aluminium panels skinned with a digital print of a door.

The billboard itself was produced from digitally printed adhesive vinyl with the application of a heavy coating of a clear anti-graffiti finish to contend with vandalism.  

The billboard was positioned unusually high (3m above ground level) so that it was visible from the heavily travelled main road nearby.

Under construction with scaffolding
Sitting quite high at 3m above ground