Crace External Signage

Crace is a joint venture between Canberra's Land Development Agency and a consortium including the Canberra Investment Corporation Limited (as project manager and lead partner), Defense Housing and PBS Property Group.

Located in the ACT, across from Giralang and Palmerston, Crace is a new surburb under development that intends to draw on best-practice thinking to create a community full of new ideas.

Billboard Teaser Side A
Crace "Teaser" Message
Billboard Teaser Side B
Perforated Mesh Signs
External Mesh Panels
Perforated Mesh Signs
Crace Identification Billboard
Graphic mesh on temp fencing
Starter bolts set in concrete

Grey Advertising were contracted to provide marketing services for this project and they approached Screenmakers for assistance with the display component of the campaign.

The work produced for the external signage portion of the Crace project included : 

  • External "Teaser" Billboards with the Crace message:
    Four billboards were produced and placed strategically for this part of the marketing campaign. The graphic panel measures 2.4m high x 7.2m wide. The artwork was digitally printed onto adhesive vinyl and then applied to 1.6mm thick aluminium panels. The aluminium panels were fastened to top hat rails which were in turn, screwed onto 150mm x 50mm RHS posts. The posts were attached to starter bolts set into a concrete base.

  • Graphic mesh banners for temporary fencing:
    Over four hundred metres of a special mesh banner material was used to cover the temporary fencing in use at Crace. The banner material is 65% solid and 35% open to allow wind to pass through without disruption. The banners were produced in 25m lots to fit onto five temporary fence panels at a time. Eyelets were installed to allow the mesh to be fixed at the top and bottom to the fencing. The banners serve multiple purposes - to advertise and promote the site and to hide construction work in progress onsite.

  • Crace identification Billboard :
    This billboard, located at a large roundabout on the Barton highway is 3.6m high x 10.8m long and was mounted over two meters off the ground. The billboard graphics were digitally printed onto vinyl and applied to 1.6mm thick aluminium panels that were fastened to RHS posts. This billboard contained a section for a tag line message that was exchanged as the status of the project changed as well. The tag lines were: "Coming in 2009", "Selling Now" and then finally "Register your interest now".

  • External Mesh panels :
    These displays, made from Zinc Alum were each powdercoated in their chosen colour (red, yellow and blue) and then printed directly using our flatbed printed in sections using our [Digital Flatbed UV] printer. Care had to be taken during the printing process to ensure each of the panels lined up correctly during installation. Following this, the panels were overcoated in a satin matte clear finish to protect the displays from graffiti. Finally, the signs panels taken onsite to and fastened to frames that had been installed earlier.