LDA Epicentre

Epicentre is a master planned commercial estate.

Epicentre consists of a 24 hectare site on the corner of Newcastle Street and Canberra Avenue in Fyshwick. It is being developed by the ACT Government's Land Development Agency and the construction works includes roads, site servicing and landscaping.

Screenmakers were contracted by the Zoo Group on behalf of the Land Development Agency to manufacture this billboard.

The sign is 24m wide by 4.8m high and with the bold yellow colour scheme, the sign stands out significantly.

Due to the large size of the sign (over 100 sq metres), engineers were contracted to ensure the design could tolerate local climate conditions.

The construction included 150mm x 50mm RHS (Rectangular Hollow Section) posts with the 2mm thick panels fixed to top hat rails. The graphics were digitally printed to adhesive vinyl with a clear laminate applied to protect the billboard from graffiti.

Engineered for strength
24m wide by 4.8m high

There were a total of 40 panels used to make this impressive sign. However, once assembled, the individual panels were nearly invisible.

This billboard is one of the larger signs installed in Canberra to date and it is highly visible from a distance!