Manuka Oval ACT

Manuka Oval is a 13,550 capacity stadium located in Griffith, adjacent to Manuka. The Oval is one of the oldest in the ACT, with a long history, and has been progressively developed and expanded over time.

The Manuka Oval precinct retains much of its original tree plantings from the 1920's, with now large mature specimens of cypress, poplar, oak and elm trees defining the circular space of the sports ground. The enclosure excludes the hustle and bustle of the surrounding suburbs, and assists visitors in being absorbed in the venue and its associated events.

From the oval, the tower of St Christophers Cathedral and Red Hill are the only outside visible features. On site, the original curators cottage and the Lord Taverners garden lend a certain charm to the environment.

Manuka Oval hosts many local and National AFL matches, as well as local cricket and the famous PMs XI.

A series of new signage were designed by the Swell Design Group and contracted by Venues and Events (Department of Territory and Municipal Services).

The work Screenmakers produced for the project included :

  • Ticketing Booth Information Signage
    This signage (10m wide x 1.5m high) was secured to the roof of the ticketing booth. It was engineered to tolerate quite a heavy wind loading due to its size. The sign consists of 3mm aluminium panels that had direct printed graphics using our [Digital Flatbed UV] printer with a clear finish for protection from the elements.
  • Entry Gate Signage
    (Six in total - two at each entry point to Manuka Oval)
    These signs were made from 5mm linished aluminium panels. The text was Router Cut (3mm deep) into the aluminium using our in-house CNC Router Cut Graphics equipment. The 3D cut graphics were then colour filled and clear coated with a 2-Pack polyurethane finish. This finish was used to secure the colour filling, make the process of cleaning the signage easier, and to provide protection against the elements and vandalism.
  • Directional Signage 
    These signs are used to help patrons navigate through the complex. They consist of aluminium panels, directly printed with digital graphics and coated with a clear finish.

The completed signage was visually appealing and well received by the patrons of Manuka Oval.

Completed Ticketing booth
Ticket Booth
Before signage was applied
Entrance Gate Signage
Orientation signage
Colour Filled Entrance Sign at Manuka Oval