Stromlo Park Information Signs

Stromlo Forest Park is a world class, multi-use recreational sporting venue available to professional and recreational users.

It's facilities include a purpose built event pavilion, criterium cycling circuit, grass cross country running track, equestrian tracks and mountain bike tracks to suit any level of rider.

The signage installed at Stromlo Forest Park was designed by the Swell Design Group on behalf of Territory Venues and Events and produced by Screenmakers.

This component of the signage at the venue includes information about coming events, opening hours, details regarding liability and identification displays throughout the park.

Many of the informational displays consisted of blade signs that were produced from channeled aluminium frames with 3mm thick aluminium panels. The graphics were digitally printed onto adhesive vinyl material with a heavy duty transparent protective surface over laminate to protect the signs from damage due to stone chips resulting from activities taking place at the park. The edges of the signs were protected using  powder coated aluminium edging.

The 3.6m tall "Coming Events" blade sign allows for the insertion of marketing material as required to inform users of the park of upcoming attractions and events. To facilitate this, a key locked panel was installed that allows marketing material to be removed and replaced.

In February 2009, the stadium was updated with the existing balustrade having graphics installed. The graphics identify the park's website address and was applied to the corragated steel mesh at the front of the stadium. To achieve the end result, the existing panels were removed, powdercoated in a black finish and direct printed, each with a small segment of the whole graphic image. The panels were then clear coated to enhance their long term durability.

The signage and displays at Stromlo Forest Park were fashioned using a colour scheme to assist with many aspects of park usage. The informational displays at the venue generally use a black colour scheme.

Park entrance identification
Coming events board 3.6m high
Park trail overview
Notices of legal liability
Hours of operation
Stadium signage