Birrigai Rock Cycle Pathway

Several of 14 A3-size interpretive signs along the Rock Cycle Pathway.
Orientation signage.
Interpretive signs.

The Rock Cycle Pathway is a timeline of rock types found at the Birrigai site. Screenmakers created 14 different A3-size "lean-back" interpretive signs displaying details of the rock timeline. The posts were made from SHS65 steel, painted in the park’s colours. The graphic 5mm aluminium panels were direct printed and given a clear anti-graffiti coating before being installed in concrete.

Signs are set on an angle and designed in the park's colours.

The orientation sign for the display was also installed to a concrete footing, and was made using a fabricated triangular steel frame in a powder-coated finish. The graphic panels consisted of three 5mm-thick aluminium panels direct-printed and treated with an anti-graffiti clear coating.

Orientation sign for Rock Cycle Pathway.
Manufactured using a triangular steel frame in a powder-coated finish.