Birrigai Signage

Along the Birrigai Time Trail at Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve, traces of the previous inhabitants can be seen in boulder shelters, camps and tool making sites.

The rock shelter is the oldest Aboriginal site known in the ACT region and is about 21, 000 years old. The shelter can be found along the Birrigai Time Trail.

The directional signage along the Birrigai Time Trail was produced by Screenmakers for Parks, Conservation and Lands. It is located outside the visitors centre in Tidbinbilla. The construction incorporates a steel framework with aluminium panels using an adhesive vinyl print which was then laminated with anti-graffiti film.

The sign is mounted on concrete footings set into the ground.

Screenmakers also produced fourteen track marking signs located along the trail.These signs were made from hardwood, showing a printed logo panel and arrow indicating the direction of the trail.

Time Trail