CIC Ambassador Project

The Ambassador is located in Hopetoun Circuit, Deakin. Right in the centre of Canberra’s inner south.

The project was developed by Canberra Investment Corporation Limited (CIC).

Grey Advertising was the successful Advertising Agency contracted to produce and assist with the development of a marketing campaign for the Ambassador Complex. They turned to Screenmakers to produce much of the signage and related promotional material for the Display Centre located in Deakin.

This project included the provision of :

  • Freestanding Blade Signs 
  • Large format Billboards 
  • Digitally printed indoor and outdoor Panoramas 
  • Mounted Posters

On the left side of the screen, we invite you to look through the projects associated with this project in greater detail.

Outdoor Billboards at the Display Centre
Silver Blade Sign
Internal Display
Very wide Panorama mounted on wall of Display Centre