National Museum of Australia

The National Museum of Australia Act in 1980 formally established the NMA, but it did not have a permanent home until 11 March 2001, when it was officially opened on Canberra's Acton Peninsula to coincide with Australia's Centenary of Federation.

With its vast orange loop unfurling overhead and twisting into a sheltered walkway to the main entrance, the exterior alone is evidence that the NMA is not your average museum.

The interior confirms this. Based on a theme of knotted ropes, the building symbolically brings together the stories of the nation.

For the exhibition designers, colour, linked to the exterior’s crimson, orange, bronze, gold, black and silver shades, was central to communicating Australia’s stories.

Screenmakers have had a successful working relationship with the museum from the beginning, taking on board the architects’ and designers’ aims for the facility.

Their work has included logos and gift-shop signage, hanging and roll-up banners, corporate sponsor board, large-scale panels, children’s displays and a multitude of exhibitions.

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Captain Cook exhibition
Corporate sponsor board
Children's displays
Logo and gift-shop frontage