Questacon "Mini Q"

Mini Q is a permanent exhibition on display at Questacon in Canberra.  It provides a stimulating environment for babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers and school aged children. 

Mini Q allows children to explore the world through play. The aim is to provide opportunities for a child’s body and brain to become better adapted for learning later in life.

The Mini Q exhibition contains different areas such as: Water Play, Baby Space, Role Play, Sensory Space, Active Play, Space Lab and Quiet Space.

Screenmakers provided a host of signage and displays for Mini Q including :

  • 3D Router Cut lettering - A number of the exhibition areas contained signage such as "Animal Hospital", "Service Station" and "Motor Mechanic". These letters were unusual in that some of the letters are curved in front. To produce and obtain this effect, firstly, the wooden letters were conventionally router cut (CNC Router Cut Graphics), then hand polished and sanded on top to produce the curved effect. Once completed, the letters were coated in a polyurethane finish and adhered to the designated MDF backpanels in various areas of the exhibition. 

(Continued below)

Mini Q Entrance
Role Play - Animal Hospital
Role Play - Service Station
Entrance lockers
Animal Hospital window panels
Inside the Service Station
3D curved letters
Many pieces produced
3D router cut lettering
  • Artificial window graphics and panels - used throughout the roleplay area, graphic panels were created to simulate that patrons of the exhibition were actually inside a room or building and could see outside. The graphics were printed onto translucent vinyl film and applicated to clear acrylic panels to provide a similar effect of an actual window. Each of the panels were created in individual rectangular segments to facilitate easier onsite installation. Rear illumination was used to create the illusion of daytime through the printed panels.  

  • Miscellaneous items for walls etc.. - Thoughout the exhibition, numerous graphic items and panels were created and printed to enhance the experience on display for patrons of the exhibit. These included items such as the tools on the walls of the Mechanics Shop, name tags in the Animal Hospital and various items in the Bakery, graphic panels for the entrance lockers and so on.

  • Mini Q Front Entrance - The entrance graphics were printed onto acrylic panels with another layer being present behind the main Mini Q sign in order to raise the sign off the wall. The main sign was attached to the wall using split batten fixings to allow for removal when necessary. The two side panels on both sides of the entrance are created from 1.5mm thick clear PETG panels with adhesive face mounted vinyl prints attached. The panels are magnetically fixed to a wall mounted frame to allow for easy removal and changes/repair when needed.