Take a look behind the scenes at exciting projects underway in our workshop.


Install shots of our the new shiny sign for Canberra Heart Rhythm


The Ink in the Lines Exhibition at AWM

Tattoos are a conversation starter.

Many members and veterans of the Australian Defence Forces have tattoos, and while their reasons for getting tattooed are as varied as the people themselves, self-expression and belonging play a part.

They also share a common purpose in getting inked: to remember.

Inscribed on skin are their identities as veterans, the commemoration of loss, experiences of trauma and overcoming adversity, the bonds of family and friends, and acknowledging the experiences that make us who we are.

Ink in the Lines features more than 70 portraits and details the experiences of 21 Australian servicemen and servicewomen.

It is thought to be the first exhibition in Australia to examine the use of tattoos in the military.

The Ink in the Lines exhibition is on display at the Australian War Memorial 25 September 2020 to 27 January 2021

We are proud to be part of the print, fabrication and installation of this great exhibition.

Visit: https://www.awm.gov.au/ink


The Courage For Peace Exhibition

The Courage for Peace, tells the stories of those who work to make, shape and keep peace for Australians and others around the globe.

The exhibition opened publicly on Friday 18 October, and focused on Australian peacemakers, peacekeepers, disaster-relief workers and capacity builders, showing how they contribute to peace and security in the Asia-Pacific region and further afield. The exhibition included the vital work done by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in diplomacy to prevent conflict.

The Courage for Peace tells the stories of Australians serving in diverse roles around the world, from Somalia and Rwanda to Cambodia, East Timor, Bougainville and the Solomon Islands. The exhibition commemorates the service of these men and women, highlights the importance of their work, and honours their sacrifice.

We at Screenmakers are honoured to be part of the print, fabrication and installation of the graphic elements of this commemorative exhibition.

For a virtual tour, please click on the below link:


Sverre Kaaten Nordic Shelter

Sverre Kaaten Nordic Shelter was built by volunteers in 1980 and continues supply cross country skiers with a beautiful place to come in and get warm and dry … among many other things. The last few months we’ve been working on a laser cut, pre-rusted and 2 pack painted sign for the facility. We are all very impressed with how it’s come out.


Renaissance Display Suite for Morris Property Group

This was a neat little job that gives a simple yet effective vibe. Aluminium frames with PVC panels on the side and some laser cut acrylic on the outside – et voila!


Morning Glory

So these guys fit into the arty NewActon precinct like a hand in a glove! With design by Swell Design Group, they win the “Funkiest Coffee Shop Award” hands down.


Royal Australian Mint

What were you doing on NYE 2019?

Well, Team Screenmakers, being the dedicated lads and lasses they are, were over at the mint popping up signage to launch the very first new coin of 2020. Being the first mint this side of the date line has it’s advantages!